Sense and purpose

The idea for the PRIVA SCORE was born a few years ago and became the basis of my doctoral thesis. But my suspicions turned out to be true while I was writing it: the idea for the PRIVA SCORE is good and its existence is urgently needed. But of course it is not capable of breaking the golden cage of digital capitalism.

Nevertheless, the PRIVA SCORE is a useful aid for "Jane/John Average User" who does not want to read long terms and conditions or privacy policies. She wants to have as simple a decision-making aid as possible when selecting apps/services that help her to protect her data privacy where possible.

For my doctoral thesis, I focused on messenger services, as these are among the most widely used communication tools on the Internet.

As described in the book, the topic of PRIVA SCORE does not end there, of course. The PRIVA SCORE is also used for other categories of apps/services thanks to its simple calculation logic. An app is planned for the longer term.

Photo by Isabell Hornig

Why is the PRIVA SCORE important?

Personal data and metadata are an important part of the business models of large technology companies, which have become increasingly dominant in recent years. Avoiding the Internet is no longer possible, as many aspects of our lives are linked to the use of digital devices. Data breaches are commonplace and politics itself is dependent on Big Tech. Many people are interested in their data protection, but terms and conditions and data protection guidelines are often too complicated. The PRIVA SCORE is intended to help identify apps and services with a high level of data protection in a simple and transparent way.

Personal data and metadata are a sensitive assetHowever, the collection, processing and evaluation of this data – legal or illegal – is the basis for the Business models of a handful of large technology companies, which have become economically, politically and socially dominant over the last two decades.

A Opt Out – avoiding the Internet is no longer possible. Because large parts of our lives are connected with the active or passive use of the Internet or digital devices: Without a smartphone there is no menu, without an email there is no ticket, without an app there is no package,

And Data breaches – theft of data or careless storage – are on the agenda.

Politics itself is now highly dependent on Big Tech. And legislative initiatives are demonstrably supported by Lobbying – especially in Brussels and Strasbourg – and infiltration – e.g. in US business miniseries – massively influenced in favor of corporations.

However, studies show that many people are very interested in their data protectionBut that's where the problems arise: Terms and conditions and data protection guidelines are long and complicated. No matter what, people just agree to the terms of use.

How can “Anna, the average user” who is not very technically savvy, be helped? As shown, it is left to its own devices when it comes to data protection.

We can all benefit from the GOLDEN CAGE OF DIGITAL CAPITALISM But we can prevent the theft of our data where it is still possible by using apps and services with a high level of data protection.

The PRIVA SCORE is designed to enable normal users to identify these apps and services easily, quickly, transparently and independently.