Help along

In the long term, the PRIVA SCORE is intended to become a reliable authority for Jane/John average users who want to protect their data at least where possible.

This means that the PRIVA SCORE needs to be significantly expanded. In other words: The concept of the PRIVA SCORE needs to be applied to other apps/services (office packages, VPNs, browsers, email providers and clients, navigation apps…) so that a catalogue is created that consumer centers and the like can refer to in good conscience.

For this I need help – e.g. for maintaining this site, SEO, developing criteria for the apps and services mentioned, exchange, suggestions, etc.

I appreciate any help! So far the best way is to send me an email: privacy[at]privascore.orgMaybe at some point it will be worthwhile to offer a direct exchange opportunity here or to set up channels.