News / Changelog / Outlook

16.05.2024: MEGA Update! New logo, VPN services, video conferencing services AND: English translation!

16.04.2024: Cloud providers are now live!

09.04.2024: Tip, tip, tip: The Keyboard Apps now also have a PRIVA SCORE!

26.03.2024: Yaaai! The Browser are here! VPN services, cloud providers, keyboard apps and email providers/clients follow in a loose weekly rhythm.

22.03.2024: Small update of the Messenger before browsers are added as the next category. Telegram loses a point and Signal moves up.
In addition, the explanation of the associated data protection functions can be found at the end of the page of the respective app.

28.02.2024: I am currently in the process of including VPNs, browsers and cloud services in the PRIVA SCORE. Since the data protection functions and their weighting will be different here, some research work still needs to be invested.

Here again the appeal: If you feel competent to know the data protection functions of the services mentioned and to rank them – feel free to contact me!!

30.01.2024: As you can see, there are still a few things missing here. I haven't got as far as I had planned through my doctoral thesis, disputation, etc.


BUT: The contents of the PRIVA SCORE for Messenger are already here. How in the book As described, it is about expanding the PRIVA SCORE. I have already subjected more than five messengers to the PRIVA SCORE and will make this available here shortly. I will also tackle the topic of cloud services. Help is very much appreciated!!

The new king

Interestingly, it turns out that the messenger, which represents the ultimate in data protection, BRIAR (dream score 320 points out of 330 possible). However, this conflicts with the concept of the PRIVA SCORE, which is to create a simple and convenient way for Anna, a normal user, to protect her data. Because a) Anna probably doesn't know anyone who uses Briar. The same applies to Matrix/Element..., which also perform very well. The usability/logic of these messengers is also somewhat more demanding and makes switching to a data protection-friendly messenger more complex - and therefore less likely.

More than a score?

This raises the question of whether there should be more than one PRIVA SCORE? One SCORE for the average user and a second score for tech nerds, activists and other more specific users?
I am still pondering this, but I think that there are many more competent contacts for such cases, such as the Kuketz Forum or Systemli.